Christine Henn
1954 born in Stuttgart, Germany
1974-1976 Foundation study and studied with Prof. Otto Gerster at Fachhochschule für
Kunst und Design, Köln
1976-1979 Studied at Camberwell School of Art and Design, London
since 1979 practicing artist

1979-1989 in Hillesheim,Eifel in Germany and London
1990-2000 in Gerolstein, Rockeskyll, Eifel in Germany and London
2000-2015 in Trier, Germany
since 2015 in Ramsgate,Kent, in Great Britain

1983-2000 Holiday Courses in her studio for painting and art history for 4-10 year old
children, Adult Education, Hillesheim
1987-1998 teaching painting at the Centro d‘ Arte Verrochio, Casole d‘ Elsa,
Siena, Italy
since 1987 teaching painting at the European Academy, Trier in Germany

1985 Award of sponsorship for Young Artists, Artists‘ Association of Rheinland Pfalz
1986 Burgund Scolarship from the Cultural Ministry of Rheinland Pfalz, Germany
1987 2. Price Art and Artists- Rheinland Pfalz, Cultural Ministry, Rheinland-Pfalz,
1990 2. Price Trier- Saarburg
2001 Nominated for Robert Schuman Art Award, Metz, France

Public commissions
1985 Cochem, Germany
1992 Andernach, Germany
1993 Stuttgart, Germany

1984 SWF TV Documentary by Eberhard Schulz in ‚ Abendschau‘ and ‚ Blick ins
1994 SWF Radio Interview by Martina Conrad in SWR2 Kultur
1995 SWF Radio Interview and Documentary by Martina Conrad in SWR 2 Kultur
2004 SWF Radio Interview and Documentary by Martina Conrad in SWR2 Kultur
2010 SWF Radio Interview and Documentary with Thomas Rath in S2 l Mittagskulturjournal